I saw a video on YouTube by Melon aka snakebitesparkles, for this product. I don’t normally run out and buy things after seeing them online, but hearing her review and seeing her use it made me optimistic about this stuff. It’s called True Match Minerals by L’Oreal. It’s essentially your foundation, concealer and powder in one. The amount you get looks quite small and some might be hesitant on the price (I paid $17 for mine), but, using it yesterday for an event I had to dress up for, it was brilliant and a little goes a long way.

My shade is in W2, light ivory. There is a huge long range of shades for all you out there and it does blend into your own skin quite nicely. It’s almost a creamy powder if that makes sense.

Reason I’m writing about this is because, to be frank, I’m horrible at putting on and wearing make up in general. It’s a really rare thing for me to wear and finding a product like this which is perfume and preservative free and 95% minerals, is a huge bonus as it cuts my “getting ready” time way down and, it also makes things so much easier for me. I also bought the translucent finishing powder to keep it all in place as this event was a few hours and I was running about doing my job during it. It stayed in place and did what it was supposed to do until I took it off. You can tell I know what the hell I’m talking about when it comes to makeup.

They also have blush using the same powder/brush method if you’re interested in that. I used what I already had in my makeup bag. 

All in all, I think this baby is worth the near $20 it costs. It saves me time and headache to put it on and deal with primers and all that other stuff I have no idea what I’m doing with. I bought a separate kabuki brush for personal preference as I find the one that comes with it a little awkward to hold with how big my hands are. That sounded weird… 

Speaking of that, the only downers of the product for me are the brush/lid being the same thing as you have to shake up the minerals to get it through the little holes and that can collect in the lid bit, so when you apply you could be losing some product. There’s also a fair amount of fall out if you don’t tap your brush off properly and as I said a little goes a long way, honestly.

  August 16, 2012 at 08:43pm
  1. stopholdwaight said: Just a heads up, half of this line was just discontinued and I believe that includes all the blushes.
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